A new kind of consultancy

specialising in senior recruitment, business ethics, and management strategy. Our approach is modern, fat-free, and structured around the needs of clients.


What we do

 At Syllogism, we understand the three factors that define an organisation: 



  • Appointing the right people is fundamental to your organisation’s success.
  • Our consulting team has extensive experience in making senior appointments.
  • We are experts in the protocols and regulations governing the recruitment of senior people in the commercial, public, and third sectors.


  • Good ethical practices build relationships and minimise risk.
  • We will conduct an ethics audit of your organisation, identifying areas of concern and working with you to put them right.




  • Strategy defines your organisation and its objectives and determines how you measure success.
  • We will provide a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s strategy based on practical experience and advanced research methods to help you achieve your long-term goals.