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Chair in Biostatistics, Newcastle University

Dr James Wason has been appointed Chair in Biostatistics at Newcastle University, in a joint position with the MRC Biostatistics Unit at the University of Cambridge.  James was appointed a programme leader-track at the Unit in 2015.  His research group focuses on statistical design and analysis methods for improving the efficiency and ethical properties of clinical trials.  Three major areas of work are adaptive designs, improved analysis of composite endpoints, and designs for biomarker-guided trials.  As well as working on methodology, James places a large emphasis on being involved in real studies where novel methodology is required. 

Head of the Business School, The University of Edinburgh

Professor Wendy Loretto has been appointed Dean of the University of Edinburgh Business School.  Wendy has been at the helm of the School since August 2016 in an interim role, having previously held the Deputy Dean role in 2015/16 and been Director of Research from 2013 to 2015.

Wendy's background is in research and teaching in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management.  Her own research field is age and employment, with a particular focus on changes in employees' and employers' attitudes and practices in extending working lives, as well as wellbeing at work.  With a long-established career in the University, where she was awarded her BCom in 1990 and PhD in Psychiatry in 1998, Wendy takes up post immediately.

Commenting on the appointment, Wendy said:

"I am delighted to be continuing the work I started last summer, and look forward to leading the School into the next stages of its activity.  This is an incredibly diverse and international School, within a truly global University, and I am committed to continue building on its reputation". 

Head of the School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University

Professor Rhiannon Mason has been appointed Head of the School of Arts and Cultures at Newcastle University.  She joined Newcastle in January 2001, having studied for a PhD at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University, and taught at the Universities of Cardiff and Glamorgan.  She has previously been the Director of the International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies, Director of Research for the School of Arts and Cultures, Director of Postgraduate Studies for the School of Arts and Cultures, UoA 36co-ordinator, and the Head of Media, Culture and Heritage.

Rhiannon is primarily interested in identities and heritage, understanding 'heritage' in the broadest sense, to include museums, galleries, and heritage sites as well as the many different ways in which people and societies define and practise what they understand as 'heritage' outside the scope of formal cultural heritage institutions.  As part of this, she tries to understand how collective and personal memories and identities are interwoven within the physical and symbolic space of the museum.  In particular, she is interested in museum displays about the histories of a place (whether regional, national, international, or post-national) and in how museums are part of the process by which a given group comes to articulate a sense of collective past, present, and future.