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Why employers need to think carefully about homeworking

Whether in terms of cost savings, employee satisfaction, or access to new streams of employees, homeworking appears to be good news for employers.  Christopher Lake and Adam Gold caution employers against getting carried away: homeworking poses a challenge to the social fabric of the firm and its ability to innovate and survive, and shines a light on its responsibility to keep people and knowledge safe.    

Six reasons why working from home is not all it is cracked up to be

The large-scale move to homeworking is certain to be one legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic: the debate is no longer about whether it will happen but to what extent. In this, the first of three articles, Christopher Lake and Adam Gold look at the claim that working from home is liberating for you as an employee, allowing you to build your work around your life rather than your life around your work. 

The Cummings affair and who owes what to whom

The Dominic Cummings affair has sparked a debate about the nature of our obligation to comply with the lockdown rules and about how far our willingness to comply depends on the willingness of others to do likewise.  Our article seeks to lay bare the underlying considerations in this debate, exploring the difference between horizontal and vertical obligations and between the authority of a rule as it relates to its source and to its content.