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Covid-19: What comes next?

A great deal is currently being written and published about how to survive and even thrive during the current crisis. Important though these questions are, Christopher Lake and his co-author Adam Gold focus is on what will happen once the crisis is over.  They examine what is going to become of the assumptions that have underpinned business and society in recent decades - concerning the relation between social value and reward, intergenerational justice, the psychological contract, and globalisation itself - in the months and years to come.

Why fairness isn’t everything

The debate about pay inequality is never far from the surface and the CIPD’s recent finding that top bosses earn more than 100 times the average salary only adds fuel to it.  Many believe that the argument comes down to a question of fairness.  But fairness is not the only value in town when it comes to thinking about who should be paid. Other values – such as the values of efficiency and of community – have an important role to play in our thinking here.  

The OBR and the limits of impartiality

The suggestion that the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) should be available to check the fiscal sums presented by the political parties in their election manifestos offers the prospect of elevating the national economic debate.  But the OBR would need to be careful that its hard-earned reputation for impartiality could survive exposure to party political competition.