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The role of the chief economist

Drawing on interviews with more than twenty senior economists across private, public, and not-for-profit sectors this report is about the role of chief economists. As well as looking at how the financial crisis and its aftermath have affected their standing, the report examines the contribution senior economists make to organisational life, the duties they are under and the dilemmas they face, and how they view the relationship between the worlds of practice and theory. As such, the report stands as an anatomy of a professional discipline at a time of scrutiny and change.

Succession planning in the university sector

The report is based on interviews with the senior officers of twenty one universities. Taken together, the universities represent a mix of higher education institutions in the UK. The report aims to stay close to the issues as they play out in practice. But it presents these issues – and the views of the study participants – in a way that is structured and systematic and seeks to recognise their broader context.

The civil service and its values

The question we ask here is: what are values, and how does an organisation know whether it is living by the right ones? Instead of answering this in the abstract, we look at the ongoing debate about the values of the civil service. Many features of this debate are generalisable. They tell us something important about values, and organisations, across the board.