Why choose us?

Your organisation is faced with a complex assignment that requires responsiveness, clarity of thinking and expression, diplomacy, and the personal attention of a senior consultant from start to finish. Talk to us.


A senior consultant, from start to finish.

Senior people expect to deal with senior consultants who can speak with authority and are on top of their brief. There is no substitute for experience. We guarantee that a senior consultant will run your consulting project from beginning to end.

Commitment and tenacity.

Our job is to test the brief we’re given to the limits, not to do what our clients could have done by themselves. We ask you to measure us by the quality of our outcomes and by the rigour and insight of our processes. We are not in the business of settling for second best, asking for favours, or coming up with excuses.

Uncompromising about quality.

We take pride in the quality of our project management, candidate care, and written documentation. We wouldn't put up with discourtesy, spelling mistakes, waffle, shoddy documents, or missed deadlines, and neither should you.

Consulting that’s fat-free.

We focus on what is essential to you as a client. We don’t run up large expense accounts. We make no money from advertising, and aim to keep budgets to a minimum. We reduce our environmental impact as well as our running costs by using electronic technology to the full — and we offer our clients incentives to do the same.

Self-confidence, not self-importance.

We like to think we are good at what we do. But we’re not vain. We believe that what matters is your brand, not ours. This is about you — the client and the candidate — not about us.

Accountability at every stage.

The same consulting team works on your project from start to finish. We justify all our advice and recommendations in written reports that are clear and detailed. We put our judgement on the line and expect to be grilled about the advice and recommendations we offer. In addition to the process of client review, all our projects are independently audited once completed.

As a small, client-centred consultancy, we believe in getting to know you and your organisation, and tailoring our service according to your needs to achieve the best possible outcome.

We look forward to putting our strengths to work for you.